Children’s Corner: Parents & Caregivers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be with my child at all times?

All children age 8 and younger must be accompanied by a parent or designated responsible caregiver while in the library or attending a library program. We ask that the responsible caregiver remain within visual contact and in their immediate vicinity while on library premises.

What about my child who is 9 or older?

Although children 9 and older may use the library on their own, their actions and well-being remain the responsibility of their parents and caregivers. If a young person’s behavior violates the Library’s Conduct Policy, the child will be asked to leave the library. A young person who is not able to leave the library without an adult should not be left alone at the library.

Picking up your child...

Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up their children prior to closing time. Children left unattended or deemed to be in a potentially dangerous situation may be picked up by the police for their own protection if their parents/guardians cannot be contacted.

What can my child access on the internet?

Parents and guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children; therefore, parents are advised to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.

Rules of Conduct

Treat the Library property, other customers and staff with courtesy and respect.
Respect one another, including library staff, and other customers.
Beverages in lidded containers can be consumed in any part of the public area. Please report spills immediately to a staff member to avoid damage to library property.
Consumption of food in small amounts is permitted. Wrappers and crumbs must be properly disposed of in trash containers. People consuming food are responible for damages to library property.
Use audio/video devices with your headphones.
Wagons and strollers may not obstruct a corridor, hallway, aisle, entry, or exit.
Check out all library materials before leaving the library.