Photo Gallery

Donor Wall

The wall is made from 58 twelve-inch square handmade clay tiles. Each tile was cut from a wet slab of lowfire red earthenware clay, giving the finished tiles a natural, organic appearance. Tiles are generally cut from leather hard slabs so that they remain flat and maintain perfectly straight edges. The cut tiles were then arranged as they would hang on the wall and carved, formed, or added onto until the big picture was complete.
Finally, the tiles were colored with stains and terra sigillata. These colorants were chosen so each piece would only have to be fired once. Since the only kiln available to the artists was a small electric kiln, only seven tiles could be fired at one time, with each firing taking 36 hours. Acrylic paint was rubbed into the names of the donors so they would stand out, making them easier to read. The completed tiles were attached to the wall with a construction adhesive. The finished size is approximately 5? x 14?.


Artists in the Library

Visit the library to see works by local artists – Karen Kunc, Joel Sartore, Barbara Mitchell, Debra Groesser, Liz Vercruysse, Arlene Gulliver, Raymond Johnson, Diane Love, Carrie Winkelman, and Carol Palmeiro.